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Role of Ai in software development stressed

The technology meet was aimed at helping senior software architects to redefine the way they think about Artificial Intelligence


Thiruvananthapuram, August 1:

Imagine you are posting photographs on Facebook. As soon as the photographs get uploaded, you will be given options to tag the people in them. This means, your machine has exhibited intelligence of identifying the faces just by processing the image. And, it is called Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As research progresses thick and fast on AI within the software world, the one-day technology conference on 'Architecting Intelligence' jointly organised by Envestnet India and NASSCOM in Thiruvananthapuram in June stressed the need for a human imperative while embracing AI.

Noted futurist and Futures Agency CEO Gerd Leonhard said: "AI should not be used to replace humans but to augment their capabilities and empower them. Therefore, it is important to maintain a human imperative while embracing AI as a technology enabler.'' The meet provided software architects with insights into how software design and architecture would evolve in the near term, and how they could take advantage of deep learning algorithms, Big Data analytics and cloud computing to provide AI-as-a-Service.

About 200 software architects from across the State participated in the event held at Vivanta by Taj.

Envestnet Advisory Services Executive Vice President Lincoln Ross said the conference theme was in line with Envestnet's strategy to innovate with intelligence.

"The rapid rise of AI in a variety of industries presents many opportunities for IT professionals in India and other countries,'' said NASSCOM Vice President Rajiv Vaishnav. "As a technology leader, you need to be cognizant of, and adapt to the need for, 'architecting intelligence' to position yourself and the products you design squarely at the crossroads of this paradigm shift,'' he said.

Further explaining, Envestnet India Senior Managing Director Anilal Ravi said AI-as-a-Service is going to transform the way we design and architect software. ''The meeting envisioned a cloud-based AI system which enables advisors to find the client-specific data they require in seconds, and report that information in context to clients - and do so on-demand from anywhere in the world,'' he added.