Eternal Blooms; Mastering the Fine Art of Preservation


The SME unit by Suresh James and Binimol Suresh established at KINFRA Industrial Park, Wayanad brings out preserved flowers and plants. According to Suresh, it is the first company in India to venture into flower and foliage preservation. The products brought out by Eternal Blooms include dehydrated fruits, preserved flowers and foliage, vacuum-dried fruits and vegetables, coffee powder and dehydrated spices.

In 2009, the company started off doing flower preservation and in 2014, it commenced producing dehydrated fruits and vegetables without additive colours or preservatives. Suresh claims the company has introduced at least one new product every year since 2014. Some of the preserved fruits and vegetables include jackfruit, banana, mango, pumpkin and ladies finger. The company, launched with an initial investment of Rs. 89 lakh, now employs around 10 people.