Kerala School Agri Fest on January 19, 20


Thiruvananthapuram: The 2019 edition of the prestigious Kerala School Agri Fest (K-SAF), organised by the Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA) in collaboration with General Education Department, Govt. of Kerala and non-government organisations, will be held on January 19 and 20, 2019, at the Mariyumma Memorial Public School at Pattambi in Palakkad. K-SAF is aimed at attracting children towards agriculture and making them consider farming as a dignified profession. The organisers, led by CISSA, have been able to evolve a radical change in the mindset of families and children on the diverse benefits of agriculture.

Till last year, the festival was organised under the name Children’s Agri Science Congress, and was specifically aimed at inculcating the right understanding about the scientific and social values inherent in agriculture, among the younger generation. This time around, the event is being redesigned as Kerala School Agri Fest. K-SAF has ushered in more impressive additions and will have an added number of participants from across Kerala.  The focal theme of K-SAF 2019 is ‘Traditional Knowledge in Agriculture and Climate Resilience’. Sub-themes would include Agro biodiversity, IT in agriculture, Cow-based agriculture, Home medicinal garden, Underutilised fruits and vegetables, Innovations in organic farming, My Farm, and My School farm. Scientific papers can be presented either as oral or poster presentation on any of the above topics.

Competitions have been included in four categories such as UP, HS, HSS and VHSE for project presentation, while cultural competitions will have three categories, namely Sub Junior (UP), Junior (HS) and Senior (HSS and VHSE). Students will also be provided with the opportunity of participating in cultural competitions and exhibitions related to agriculture. A special session on student farmer interaction will also be organised. K-SAF will have theme-based presentations, wherein child farmers would present their experiences, innovations and convictions in a manner well defended by science. Oral presentations shall be of seven minute duration.

Besides this, a project titled ‘My Farm’ would also be part of the fest. Students who have achieved exemplary accomplishments with regard to agriculture shall be awarded. The ‘My Farm’ project that has been included in the fest will pick children’s ventures in agriculture. Child farmers would be invited to present their innovative farming models they have accomplished at their homes. Further, a thematic exhibition by children would display their brilliance in agriculture in the form of appealing exhibits. Working models, photographs and posters would be set up at the exhibition.

Competitions on agricultural art forms of children would also be part of the fest. Folk songs (Solo and Group), Folk dance, One-act play and Short Video films (5 minutes), Painting and Quiz Competitions would be conducted under three categories – Sub Junior (UP), Junior (HS) and Senior (HSS and VHSE).