Eram Scientific’s e-Toilet with Caltech System to be Launched at Beijing Expo


Kochi: Eram Scientific Solutions, India’s first electronic toilet manufacturer, will be commercially launched at the Reinvent the Toilet expo in Beijing, organized by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Expo will be held from November 6-8. Eram Scientific, in association with California Institute of Technology, has developed a one-of-its kind technology which integrates the former’s technologically-enabled e-toilets with Caltech Treatment system.

Dr.Siddeek Ahmed, CMD, Eram Group will lead a delegation of eight members to the Reinvented Toilet Expo. Dr. Ahmed said, “The Reinvent the Toilet Expo will showcase some of the best global technologies in sustainable sanitation. Being India’s first e-toilet innovators, we have already created markets in Kuwait, Nepal and MENA region. Eram is happy to partner with Caltech and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop this unique Reinvented Toilet –e-toilet with Caltech Treatment system. The Expo is a global call to innovators around the world for reinventing innovative and financially profitable systems to manage human waste. We look forward to the launch as a platform to reach out.” The product will be available in India soon afterwards.

This is a major milestone for India, as the innovative sanitation technology is crossing boundaries thereby setting an example for current sanitation technologies that could bring about a social change with a global outlook. Eram Scientific has already exported their advanced electronic toilet models to Kuwait and Nepal and is all set to enter Oman, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Sri Lanka. The commercial launch of the e-toilet is expected to change the global perspective on sanitation in a considerable manner. Since 2012, Eram Scientific has made remarkable contributions towards providing affordable sanitation for all, partnering with Caltech, University of South Florida and several other institutions under the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Reinvent the Toilet Challenge.

The e-toilets are sustainable and user-friendly. The insertion of a coin opens the doors of the e-toilet for the user, switches on a light—thus saving energy—and even directs the person with audio commands. The toilets are programmed to flush 1.5 litres of water after three minutes of usage or 4.5 litres if usage is longer. It can also be programmed to clean the platform with a complete wash down after five to 10 people use it.

Solid and liquid waste along with water from the flush coming through the user interface (toilet and urinals) is pulverized by macerator pumps and treated by an electro-chemical reactor. It oxidizes the organic waste and the bacteria present in the solid-liquid mixture. A micro-filter is also used as a secondary measure to filter out any remaining solid particles. The treated water is then stored and used as flushing water in the user interface.

The unique technological innovation addresses the issues associated with water conservation in e-toilets. Eram Scientific has been conducting research for the past several years to bring about an innovative technology that could address the water conservation and recycling challenges associated with existing technologies. Their vision of developing pro-earth solutions in multiple domains and technologies urged them to partner with California Institute of Technology.

Having installed over 3000-plus e-toilets across India, Kuwait, Nepal and MENA region, Eram’s pioneering mission of providing end-to-end sanitation solutions using IoT-enabled technology has led to global partnerships with several universities and corporate giants. Eram partners with over 15 Smart Cities in India for providing sustainable sanitation infrastructure.

Eram Scientific has won over 45-plus national and international awards including the prestigious Safaigiri Toilet Titan award and India’s first Swachhathon Award.