Abad Set to Open Heritage Hotel and Rainforest Resort

Kochi: Abad Hotels & Resorts, one of the most popular brands in hospitality in Kerala, has announced the launch of two new properties in Kerala – Dutch Bungalow Fort Kochi and Abad Brookside Lakkidi. Both the properties will be launched in November 2018 at WTM London.

Holiday getaways Dutch Bungalow Fort Kochi and Abad Brookside Lakkidi will be formally launched in November 2018 at WTM London

Dutch Bungalow Fort Kochi, positioned as a heritage hotel, has 14 rooms – eight heritage classic rooms, four heritage boutique rooms and two suite rooms with a patio facing the pool. The mansion was constructed by the Dutch East India Company in 1668 and they named it the Crystal Palace. The natives called it ‘kannadi maalika’ which translates into ‘Palace of Glass’. The British took over the building in 1796 and it was then used by its Navy. In 1874, it came into private possession. “We took the property on lease in March 2018,” says Jibran Asif, Director, Abad Hotels & Resorts. “We have been looking for a suitable property in Kochi to set up a heritage hotel, a category which was absent in our product portfolio. However, we are particular that room rates should, more or less, match our existing price range. That’s how we zeroed in on this property. All rooms are above 500 sq. ft. in size. It is most suited for our inbound clientele especially from Europe,” he adds.

Abad Brookside is located in Lakkidi, one of the highest peaks in Wayanad district. Branded as a rainforest resort, the property has 13 brookside cottages, five garden bungalows and 12 brookside bungalows spread out in a seven acre valley with an infinity pool, Ayurveda centre and a multi-cuisine restaurant.

“This is a place for unwinding. We have designed the property to offer people an escape from their dusty, noisy and grey cities. A brook runs through the edge of the resort. The cottages have a balcony/sit-out providing an excellent view of the adjoining forest,” says Asif, who is also part of the Kerala Tourism delegation to WTM London 2018.