‘I Love 9 Months’ App Offers ‘Sahodari’ Service Too


Thiruvananthapuram: Early stage motherhood and post pregnancy period are times when women need maximum support, mentally and often physically. As a matter of fact, pregnancy clinics offer a number of services to carrying women. However, many a time women new to motherhood face several dilemmas despite regular medical consultations.

Suma Ajith, who co-founded ‘I Love 9 Months’ – an App dedicated to antenatal and postpartum wellness of women, has added more value to her service with yet another offering. Her new venture, named ‘Sahodari’, provides trained professionals who can give a high standard of care to mothers, in a bid to ensure healthy and satisfying birth experiences.

“What general pregnancy clinics do not offer is a holistic approach to the needs of the carrying mother. Sahodari aims to provide holistic wellness which is the best way to keep the mother and baby in best shape during and after pregnancy,” says Suma Ajith, Co-founder and Director of Operations, I Love 9 Months Fitness Solutions.
The digital launch of Sahodari took place on August 9.

A ‘Sahodari’ in the service is a ‘trained birth companion’ for expectant mothers. The professional would provide physical, emotional and informational support to the mothers who avail the service. In what may be best for pregnant women, the Sahodaris will offer their services at the comfort of one’s home.

The professionals can advice on nutrition, fitness, emotional well-being, antenatal wellness, support and comfort measures during labour and birth, breast-feeding support, pregnancy and post pregnancy Ayurvedic massage. “The Sahodaris will help mothers stay informed and confident to manage the challenges of motherhood,” adds Suma.

However, Sahodaris are not medical professionals and do not perform medical tasks. The services offered by them include help in first breastfeeds, traditional ayurvedic postpartum massage, training and helping the mother massage the baby, provide standard nutrition information, convey information on post-partum fitness and help the mother perform postnatal yoga routine.

Sahodari at work will also help the mother evaluate any signs of postpartum blues and depression. If there are any red flags, Sahodari will discuss with the client and make appropriate referral if requested.

This service is also available after childbirth. The Sahodari will visit the mother once a fortnight for two hours.
For a normal delivery, the service is available from one week after the delivery date. If the service is availed within three months of delivery, the package will include a consultation with an Ayurvedic physician to customise and monitor the postnatal Ayurvedic therapy programme in the comfort of one’s home.

For C-section, the service will be available in 6-8 weeks after delivery date. If availed within three months of delivery, the package will include a consultation with an Ayurvedic physician.

For more information, visit: www.sahodari.in