Wedviser: A Matchmaking App with a Conventional Touch


Kochi: The ‘art’ of matchmaking in India, where arranged marriages are the prevalent social norm, has evolved over the years. With the advent of digital revolution, this ‘art’ found a new avenue in the form of matrimonial sites, which offer one extensive choice, in addition to matrimonial agents and newspaper ads which act as traditional matchmaking facilitators. But going a step forward, what if one were to have an app which enables one to make a highly personalised search for a groom or bride through a well-integrated chat platform?

Kerala-based Startup, Wedviser People Connect (P) Ltd., has launched Wedviser, a state-of-the art mobile matrimony app for Indians

This issue was addressed by a Kerala-based startup, Wedviser People Connect (P) Ltd., by launching Wedviser, a unique mobile matrimony app for Indians across the globe. Funded and supported by Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) and incubated under the IIMK LIVE programme of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kozhikode, it is designed to help potential brides and grooms, their parents, other close relatives and friends find matches through their social connections. The firm is recognised by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Government of India.

“In a world fuelled by connections – Facebook for friends, LinkedIn for professionals etc. – this will be the first app that helps you invite your most trusted family members and friends and create a network of ‘advisors’ who will help you find an ideal partner,” says Binod Hariharan, MD, Wedviser People Connect.

Wedviser enables the prospective users to form their own family and friends group to exchange ideas and share opinions and views in an attempt to find a suitable match through a well-integrated chat platform. It ensures that a proposal is routed through the user network involving family and friends. The advanced machine learning algorithms coupled with social networking principles give the users the best possible matches and connections. Built-in Artificial Intelligence ensures that the system is suggestion-driven rather than search-driven, and candidates can immediately engage in conversations on their Wedviser exclusive chat.

When it comes to seeking the right proposal, people often find unreliable digital platforms with curated images and personas. As against this, Wedviser offers a chat platform wherein matchmaking is done in the conventional method employing a software-driven innovative technology.

“Wedviser will be a revolutionary app bringing the much-needed values back to the technology-driven world. We have are happy to extend funding support to such ground-breaking startup ideas,” said Dr. M Beena IAS, MD, KSIDC after the official launch of the App in Kochi recently. Arjun Ravindran and Dileep Kaitheri, Directors of Wedviser People Connect were also present.

Wedviser services do not stop with matchmaking. It goes into wedding planning and grooming of bride and groom. It will also connect its user base to wedding-related vendors (e.g. jewellers, boutique dressmakers, wedding planners etc.) through customised chat-bots.