Impulse: On a Mission to Promote a Healthy Life


Kochi: A sedentary lifestyle which many youngsters are forced to lead, especially techies, has become a major reason for their lack of physical fitness which, in turn, is prompting many of them to look for recreational activities demanding physical exertion. ‘Impulse’, a first-of-its-kind Sports Management Company in Kerala, aims at playing a role in moulding a sporty and healthy generation. The platform for sports enthusiasts all over the State was launched by a group of 10 Technopark-based techies who used to actively participate in various sports and games events.

‘Impulse’, a first-of-its-kind Sports Management Company in Kerala, aims at playing a role in moulding a sporty and healthy generation

“A cricket tournament held at Technopark in which I also played was an eye-opener for me. The realisation that my energy levels and fitness have come down over the years really let me down. I realised that my busy work schedule as a techie ate into my valuable time meant for exercise, sports and recreational activities, leaving me sapped and lethargic. When I discussed this problem with my colleague Ansar, he also shared the same feeling. It was from this realisation that we decided to start Impulse,” said Nitin Anilkumar, Managing Director, Impulse and Business Head, SysG Soft Solutions. Ansar Hashim, Managing Director, Impulse and Senior Software Engineer, Innovation Incubator, and his friend readily agreed to take the mission forward.

The sports-based startup made its debut in 2017 launching a cricket tournament at Technopark named ‘Gully Cricket 2017’. It was a successful event which witnessed the participation of 48 teams from Technopark campus. Soon after, Impulse conducted a badminton tournament which drew an equally positive response.

After finishing work at their respective firms, they come together and spend at least five hours a day discussing opportunities as well as the next level of action for their startup. ‘Futsal 2017’, a football tournament which they organised, saw the participation of 32 vibrant teams in which the participants from various corporate sectors demonstrated tremendous team spirit and energy throughout the tournament. Inspired by the dynamic corporate crowd, Impulse went on to host the first-ever ‘Corporate Cricket Tournament’ of Kerala and the feedback from this was also equally encouraging.

The startup, which has a clear roadmap for its forward journey, considers future generation as its focus area. The team hosted Champions Futsal League (CFL) 2018, Kochi’s Biggest Football Event at United Sports Center on June 23 and 24. Technopolis was the magazine partner of the event.

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