Sunil Kumar V: Of Building a Lasting Productive Life and More

Sunil Kumar V

Kochi: ‘Taking responsibility is much more than leadership; it means seeing what needs to be done and responding accordingly. Being responsible has nothing to do with age; it comes with maturity. Maturity is responsibility.’ These are excerpts from the book Build to Last, a collection of published articles penned by Sunil Kumar V, Founder and Managing Director of Asset Homes. He is one among the handful of highly successful business minds in Kerala.
Build to Last is a compilation of articles written by Sunil Kumar for the Asset Homes in-house magazine Beyond Square Feet.


‘Build to Last’ is a compilation of articles penned by Sunil Kumar V, MD of Asset Homes, in the company’s in-house magazine ‘Beyond Square Feet’


Having 158 pages and 150 articles, one could aptly call this book a handbook that helps one face life head-on. The book is a treasure trove of wise thoughts and simple pointers which can be put into practice by anyone, especially the young generation. “Sunil Kumar’s philosophy is simple. ‘Have a big dream and believe you are more than able.’ In this book, Sunil Kumar opens up as though in a casual chat. These are not usual success mantras we find in other typical works, but a few simple truths he found on his journey through the wilderness of business, replete with unexpected and unpredictable obstacles(sic),” wrote K L Mohana Varma, eminent writer, in the preface of the book.The book was released in June 2018 in the presence of a large gathering.

“Publishing a book is like giving birth. While giving birth is a nine- month-long process, publishing a book will take a lifetime. I am happy that Sunil Kumar has come out with such a work,” said K J Alphons, Union Minister of State for Tourism, who released the book by handing over the first copy to M K Sanu, literary critic.

Sunil Kumar, who addressed the gathering at the book release, said that he had never dreamt of writing or publishing a book, “But it so happened that between April 2013 and March 2018, I wrote articles for Beyond Square Feet. Internal matters of Asset Homes were kept aside while writing these articles and issues that the general public could understand and relate to form their core.”

Carefully picked out thoughts form various chapters of the book such as ‘The Ability to Transform Disability’, ’Seeking Improvement’, ‘How to Maintain Financial Discipline’ and ‘Fear and the Need to Slay It’. The book does not fall into the ‘preachy’ category and is a pleasantly easy and interesting read for all.