A ‘Healthy’ Product Basket Sets Dubai Polymer Industries Apart in Market

Dubai Polymer Industries

Kochi: Dubai Polymer Industries LLC is one of the most competitive producers of polyethylene-based products such as water tanks and septic tanks in Kerala. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the company manufactures high quality and easy-to-install products.

The company established in 1995 in the UAE is currently the second largest polymer products manufacturer there. Dubai Polymer Industries has a number of exclusive dealers, distributors and traders all over the UAE, selling their reputed water tanks, road barriers, PVC and PPR pipes. Moreover, they have played a major role in supplying large quantity of products to Government Housing Programme and private sector projects in the UAE. The company established their unit in Kerala at KINFRA Industrial Park at Pathanamthitta in 2016.

“While there are a large number of similar products available in the market, we are not competing with them. The products are manufactured by strictly adhering to the parameters stipulated for such products in Dubai. As there is demand for quality products in Kerala, we are looking at seriously tapping the market and we are getting very good response,” says Sunny Joseph, MD, MSC Group, which is the parent company of Dubai Polymer Industries.

One of their most popular products is the water storage tank which is recommended by prominent builders and architects. The company focuses on providing to its consumers clean and bacteria/fungus-free water storage tanks. Some of the major features of this product include protection against ultra violet (UV) rays and its capacity to withstand strong pressure and heat.

“One of our key objectives is to join the fight against cancer and it is as a first step towards that goal we are providing good quality water tanks. Low quality PVC pipes and water tanks are found to be one of the major causes of cancer. We are providing 100 per cent food-grade products,” explains Praveen V, CEO, MSC Group.

The company also conducts awareness classes across Kerala for plumbers, dealers and doctors on the long-term health issues caused by the usage of low quality water tanks and the advantages of using good quality products. Their high quality septic tanks are also popular and is the most-preferred product in the market.

The company is not only widening its presence but also increasing its capacity to produce top quality products which comply with all major international and local standards.

Dubai Polymer Industries has a team of qualified and well-experienced employees which helps the company assist its customers with technical advice and provide consultation on product development. The motto of the company is to offer products with very high quality at realistic prices.