Now, Affordable Medical Check-Up Just a Click Away with pick2heal


Thiruvananthapuram: Every individual is like a sophisticated machine when it comes to maintaining health. We service our car periodically. Likewise, we need to do regular health check-ups after we cross the age of 30 as a precaution to prevent the chances of suffering sudden giddiness, heart attack and stroke,” says Prasanth Peethambaran, CEO of pick2heal, a startup firm headquartered at Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), Technopark.


pick2heal, an online ‘medical market place’, helps individuals undergo medical tests at affordable prices by registering their names


Emphasising the need for such preventive measures, the website/mobile app,, facilitates online registration for blood testing, the result of which can be obtained through SMS and email. The leading online ‘medical market place’ will help one undergo medical tests at affordable prices. It offers sugar, cholesterol and BP tests for an entire registered family by charging a mere Re. 1 per year. If one member of a family registers on the site, he or she can book lab tests for their entire family members anywhere in Kerala.

“The concept of pick2heal occurred to me when I was hit by a personal tragedy. My father had a stroke as a result of his BP shooting up. I thought it could have been avoided had he undergone medical tests regularly,” says Prasanth. Around 70 per cent of treatment decisions in India are based on test results and diagnostics services constitute one of the most critical components of medical care.

Solving medical problems with the help of technology and innovation being the mission, pick2heal also facilitates blood tests for bedridden patients who are in no position to visit labs. Blood test will be done at their home itself by technicians from the nearest available lab. Once registered with the site, the user will get a code, which can be used by the labs to verify the identity of the person at the time of testing.

pick2heal has tie-ups with prominent labs in Thiruvananthapuram, including Devi Scans, Metro Scans and Trident Scans and Labs. They will also have a tie-up with Dr. Gopinath’s Diagnostic Services, one of the prominent labs in the city, soon. Once registered with the site, an individual can get his or her lab tests done at reduced rates. For instance, a liver function test of Rs. 400 may be done at Rs. 340 by registering at pick2heal.

As far as the labs are concerned, pick2heal is the best market place for reaching more customers, especially for medium-sized labs which do not have online and SMS alert facility to provide test results to patients. “Once the labs tie-up with pick2heal, they can provide online report to as many as 1000 patients,” adds Prasanth. Started as an SMS gateway two years back, pick2heal has now become an e-commerce company for common man to book various tests in advance. More than one lakh medical tests have already been facilitated through pick2heal.

Considering the positive response received from Thiruvananthapuram, pick2heal is planning to expand its services to Kollam, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta, Kochi and Kozhikode in collaboration with local labs, and eventually offer its services throughout the State.