Cosmos Foresees Cosmic Changes in Kerala’s Sports Retail


Kozhikode: Noushad P A, Director of Human Resources, Logistics & Sales with Cosmos Sports World LLP, believes that there has been a tremendous change in the public’s perception of sports with the arrival of Indian Super League (ISL), which ignited a football fever among Keralites. “This change enhanced the sports retail market too, where football-related products got sold in large numbers. Even the IPL could not create such an impact on the people, where the absence of exceptional heroes like Sachin Tendulkar has created a fall in the number of cricket viewers. Each tournament has to acquire that same momentum of ISL here, then only can the sports retail industry make a mark in the economic sector,” said Noushad.

Earlier, children were told to study well than focus on games, but the situation is just the opposite today. Prime importance is given to health and longevity by people, which has forced even the government to see sports retail industry as a sound investment.

At no other time in history have sports played such a significant role in daily life. According to Noushad, Cosmos has always taken care to ensure the quality of products sold in its outlet, in spite of the challenges posed by fake products available in plenty in the market today. These counterfeit products mainly comes in popular brands like Nike, Yonex and Nivia. Even their packaging looks so genuine that it is indistinguishable from the original. “All we can do is buy products from reputed suppliers. Cosmos deals with only quality-proven suppliers which is our strength,” he said.

Established in 1990, Cosmos Sports is a leading sports retail company in India dealing with all sports goods, fitness equipment, accessories, apparels and footwear. Over the last two decades and more, it has built a reputation for reliability, offering quality products at affordable prices to sports-crazy folk. The name ‘Cosmos’ came with the vision to be the world’s leading sports retail company offering all renowned national and international brands that inspire athletic achievement, leisure and a healthy society.

The company, which is headquartered at Kozhikode, has regional offices at Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur and Manjeri. The first overseas branch was opened in Dubai in October 2017. If earlier, children used to influence the selection of products and the store, now the fitness conscious parents are the reason for widening the product range. It was in this context that Cosmos opened special zones for cycles, fitness equipment and accessories in all its branches welcoming family customers. Thus, Cosmos has proved that it keenly observes the preferences of people of various age groups.

“In metro cities, much better facilities are provided like first class platforms for sports events, which is the reason why consumers for sports goods are more in those places. Cosmos was born from the vision of our Chairman, A K Nishad who wanted to make genuine high end products available at affordable prices to common people of Kerala,” he said.

Besides sports goods retailing, Cosmos has recently ventured in to building academies with multiple sports facilities. “Equipped with facilities conforming to international standards, the academies will enable our young generation to come out with topclass performances in future, events,” Noushad added.