‘Loka Kerala Sabha’, Conclave of Expatriates, Launched

Loka Kerala Sabha


Thiruvananthapuram: Loka Kerala Sabha – the conclave to bring together all expatriates of Kerala under one roof – was inaugurated by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan at the Legislative Assembly building here. Speaking in the conclave which is attended by 351 delegates, the Chief Mnister said that the Loka Kerala Sabha will bring together all Keralites who have migrated to various parts around the globe.

“The main goal of this conclave is to table all creative ideas and recommendations of the expat community at law-making centres in in the states and at the Centre. This conclave will help to understand such recommendations of expat and in turn will make new policies and laws,” said Vijayan.

Apart from the expat representatives from various countries, the Loka Kerala Sabha also includes 141 members of the state Legislative Assembly, 20 MPs and state cabinet ministers. The government has nominated 177 expatriates to represent the respective countries where they work. The Sabha will also include 42 individuals who represent people who stay in various states within the country. Besides, the Sabha will also include as special invitees non-citizens of India who have roots in Kerala.

Meanwhile, noted people who work among expat communities welcomed the state government’s move to form the Loka Kerala Sabha. “Loka Kerala Sabha formed to ensure the participation of expatriate Keralites is a great example globally. It is an initiative making Malayali a global citizen and it gives a lot of hope to expats from Kerala working in various parts of the world,” said Prof. P J Kurien.

According to Kerala Migration Survey, there are about 24 lakh Keralites who stay abroad. “With almost 50 per cent of the expats returning to India, changes in international job markets are also reflecting here,” added the Chief Minister. The Central government takes many decisions regarding migrants and expats from India. However, there lack proper policies for the welfare of expat communities, he added.

Various sectors like tourism, culture, education, industry and health will also become the subject topics of discussion in the conference. The event will be held at the Legislative Assembly Lounge and Nishagandhi auditorium in Kanakakkunnu.