All Set for First Loka Kerala Sabha

Loka Kerala Sabha

Thiruvananthapuram: The stage has been set for the first Loka Kerala Sabha – a two-day conference of expatriates from Kerala scheduled to begin here on Friday. The conference, an initiative of the State Government, hopes to create a platform for Non-Resident Keralites (NRKs) to discuss various key matters related to developmental policy and other issues concerning Kerala’s expat communities settled across the globe.

The two-day conference will see the participation of Members of Parliament from Kerala, all legislators from the State and other top government functionaries along with the representatives of NRKs. It is envisioned as a parliament forum of a total 351 members, including representatives of expats, MLAs and MPs from Kerala. There will be 42 representatives of Keralites from other Indian states and 100 NRK participants from other countries.

“This conference will be marked in the annals of history as it is a significant step by the government to address the issues affecting the massive expat communities of Kerala across the world,” said P Sreeramakrishnan, Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly.

Regional representatives of NRK communities will address the conference, which will also discuss policy matters connected with education, health and investment scenarios.

Expat wealth being one of the strongest pillars supporting the state’s economy, the government aims to channel investments to strengthen the state’s infrastructure. As matter of fact, the implementation of development models through Kerala Infrastructure Investment Board (KIIFB) will be subjected to rigorous discussion. In 2015, workers’ remittances to India amounted to 68,910 million dollars, which came to about 12.8 cent of global expat contributions.

However, the primary goal of the conference is to analyse how NRKs could be made active participants of the state’s developmental goals. “While the conference will deliberate on methods of NRK participation in development projects, it is also an opportunity for the government to understand the pressing issues bothering the expat community,” the Speaker added.

Various sectors like tourism, culture, education, industry and health will also be topics of discussion in the conference. The event will be held at Legislative Assembly lounge and Nishagandhi auditorium in Kanakakkunnu.