Paul’s Hospital: Offering Personalized Care from Dr. Paul

Kochi: Paul’s Hospital in Ernakulam stands on a strong foundation that has been built on the 27 years of experience of Dr. Paul P G. It has now emerged as one of the best endoscopic surgery centres meeting international standards and provides the most advanced infertility treatment.

Paul was the first male gynaecologist in Ernakulam. He also started IUI and other infertility procedures in General Hospital, Ernakulam. After 10 years of practice in the government sector, the doctor decided to start his own clinic and Paul’s Hospital at Kathrikadavu was born. “Hormone profiles were not very easily accessible and use of ultrasonography was limited at that time. Laparoscopy was frequently used for fertility evaluation and treatments. There were no standard protocols for IVF treatment also,” says Paul.

One of the premier institutions in the sector in India now, the hospital is exclusively devoted to gynaecological endoscopic surgery and infertility treatment. Paul’s Hospital is a referral centre and caters to a variety of infertility and gynecological diseases. They have published several landmark research papers in international journals. The clinic has also designed new instruments and simplified laparoscopic surgery techniques.

Paul says being a traditional doctor and a bit conservative, he has observed that people are rather impatient in getting instant results regarding infertility treatment just like for any other purpose. “Compared to animals, human fertility is actually very low – around 30 per cent – while it is 70 per cent for animals,” says Paul. So, unless the age factor of the couple rises, there is no need to be too persistent in IVF treatment, he adds.

Meanwhile, Paul agrees that there is a relative increase in causes of infertility nowadays. One of them is late marriage. Initially, the couple’s full attention would be on building a strong career, due to which they postpone their pregnancy and later, when they try for it, look for a quick result.

“Certain lifestyle diseases like endometriosis and formation of fibroids can also lead to infertility as the couple delays conception,” says Paul. Even mental stress can be a cause for infertility. Dr. Paul now has plans to offer robotic surgery and other new technologies in IVF treatment.