IVF Treatment is All about Teamwork at Aster Medcity 

Kochi: One of the most advanced facilities of its kind in Kochi, Centre for Fertility at Aster Medcity offers highly specialised and comprehensive services for management of infertility ranging from assisted reproductive techniques, including IVF/ICSI and male infertility management, to high-risk pregnancy care and neo-natology services under the supervision of experienced doctors.

This exceptional team of doctors comprise gynaecologists, embryologists, andrologists, endocrinologists and foetal medicine experts. “Our main aim here is to achieve pregnancy on their own,” says Dr. Shameema Anvarsadath, Senior Consultant and IVF specialist at Aster Medcity. Dr. Shameema, who is an obstetrician-gynaecologist, has been in the field of reproductive medicine from 2006.

“In the IVF sector, the methods used earlier have developed. Previously, we were using cryopreservation to freeze embryos, now we have changed to vitrification,” says Shameema. She believes that technology and method in IVF treatment need to be constantly updated if it has be brought on par with international standards. At Aster, the whole process of IVF treatment has been updated with new techniques and machineries.

However, Shameema reiterates a concern which many experts in the field share. “While many people now are more aware of infertility treatment, most of them are unaware of the fact that the success rate is always limited,” she says. According to Shameema, the affordability of this treatment solely depends on prioritisation. Along with offering high-end facilities, Aster tries its best to help patients have their own baby without a donor factor.

For those who have had to undergo cancer treatment at a very young age, the chances of getting pregnant is low as they had to go through a series of treatment processes which may destroy their ovum. “For such patients, we suggest storing of their oocytes before undergoing chemotherapy. Later, when they need it, they can use it. Thus, the centre has a very important role in fertility preservation, too,” Shameema says. On the other hand, speaking about people who are physically fit, she says that IVF is avoidable in many cases. Instead, “removal of fibroids and endometriosis surgery often lead to positive outcome,” she says.