CIMAR Blends Expertise and Great Ambience

Kochi: Dr. Parasuram Gopinath is the Senior Consultant and Scientific Director of Kochi-based Centre for Infertility Management and Assisted Reproduction (CIMAR). Being one of the early birds and successful entrepreneurs in the IVF industry in Kerala, Dr. Parasuram shares his thoughts with our correspondent Indu Pradeep about infertility treatment and IVF in the State.

Please tell us about the growth story of CIMAR over the years?

We started off as an infertility centre in 1996 at Edappal. It was the only infertility centre in Kerala at that time. In the late 90s, people were not much aware of IVF specialty treatment. Later, we decided to expand to Kochi after taking note of the business prospects there.

What is your IVF hospital’s USP?

CIMAR does not cater to the public’s needs just as a typical hospital does. We do not want our patients to feel that they have come to a hospital. Most of the patients who visit CIMAR are physically fit despite the infertility problem they may have. Our vision is to provide the best medical solutions even while making them feel at home. The positive ambience, hospitality and a team of well-mannered and trained staff here make that happen. And that is quite reassuring to our patients.

What are the milestones achieved by CIMAR so far?

For three consecutive terms we managed to win the Pollution Control Board’s award for the best hospital in terms of its functional efficiency and infrastructure. In 1998, our centre at Edappal was the first in Kerala to facilitate the delivery of a ‘ICSI baby’ (Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection). Similarly, our hospital was one of the few hospitals in India to introduce the medical technology called Intra-cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI). CIMAR also undertakes advanced IVF treatment procedures like Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS).

What were/are the challenges?

I have to run the centre and also discharge my duties as a doctor which is a challenging task. But it was a relief when my brother joined as administrator which, in turn, helped me concentrate more on clinical work. Another thing is you never get 100 per cent result in IVF treatment. But some patients expect a guaranteed treatment outcome and, as a result, the failure of IVF procedure will disappoint them. In fact, the best result under the
best condition is not more than 40 to 50 per cent. Unless the patients understand this truth, it will be a very challenging task to convince them.

What are your future expansion plans?

We will launch fertility and birthing centres in Thrissur and Tiruvalla. Centres in other parts of South India are also on the cards.