Incubating Startups: A Kangaroo Business

Incubating startups

The most inspiring visionary business leader and initiator of new possibilities India has ever seen is Ratan Tata. It was under his leadership that the Tata’s, a prominent Indian business family, transformed itself to gain international recognition and emerged as one of the world’s biggest Corporations.

Ratan Tata, who is known as India’s best brand ambassador, is a personality with varied interests in everything from tea to steel, who keeps novelty always close to his heart. It was his powerful leadership that resulted in major global acquisitions of Tetley, Jaguar Land Rover and Corus by Tata Tea, Tata Motors and Tata Steel respectively. Following which, the Mumbai-based Indian firm elevated itself to become a profitable global brand.

After stepping down as Chairman of Tata Sons, Ratan Tata decided to invest a huge portion of his personal assets in more than twenty popular startups. He carefully selected firms whose founders had the passion to build sustainable companies. Putting faith in fresh talent across industries by investing in them soon became an acknowledged model in the Indian business world. It was not surprising to those who knew Ratan Tata well as a business tycoon who loved novel concepts and ideas that his focus on novice entrepreneurs would have an energizing effect on competent youngsters striving hard to enter the world of business.

With this, Ratan Tata opened a gateway through which we can usher in major changes into the world of business. If successful business people follow this model, it would create new realms and rewrite the history of Indian business. In this era dominated by Information Technology, we will be able to derive new concepts to craft organisations with great potential, opening up wider opportunities in business. Let’s spread our wings to fly across the globe by leaping the boundaries of states and regional territories.

Any business that has attained a ‘qualified butterfly’ status needs to nourish itself with new ideas, concepts and processes for sustenance. It is very important to be cautious while taking capital investment decisions. Development of business thus materialises only based on effectiveness in handling appropriately the decisions on capital investment. It is essential to have a strategic plan in place for business expansion decisions whether investing in new business, diversification or an acquisition.

There are successful entrepreneurs who have piled up enough reserves and are in a dilemma over where to invest their surplus and are searching for new investment ideas. Having rich experience in setting up enterprises, why not they follow Ratan Tata’s path so that it will be of great benefit and relief to the new generation entrepreneurs who have new ideas in hand but are struggling to find the right source of finance to plant their idea which would, in turn, bring prosperity and diversity to the investor’s existing business.

Invest in Innovative Ideas
Are you a successful entrepreneur with surplus reserves? If so, why not invest in innovative startups that have growth potential and expand your market. This would provide livelihood to the new generation entrepreneur as well as benefit you by expanding your business to a global enterprise.

Invest in Intellect
Let us invest in the intellectual capability of millennials. If we could sensibly utilize the available resources of our present business we will be able to build new endeavours with least capital. Identify people with novel ideas and share the available resources of our business so as to equip the new entrepreneurs with required infrastructure. This will make our enterprise an incubator for every startup.

Invest in Basic Infrastructure
The space required to materialise novel ideas is nominal. Novice entrepreneurs raise capital to invest in basic infrastructure. This can be made possible by synchronization of our available resources with the requirements of the startup. Many large enterprises can effortlessly help the new ones by contributing to infrastructure requirements. With negligible amount, existing businesses will be able to enlarge their business by investing in infrastructure for a startup. This will be a blessing for those who are gifted with creativity and intelligence but lack financial backup. The right mix of talent of young entrepreneurs and resources available with big enterprises make up an incubator.

Identify Ideas with Potential to Succeed
Be smart enough and keep your doors open. New ideas will come in. Let young entrepreneurs present their concepts and ideas for you to evaluate them. Why not we exploit our core competencies to help a new seedling sprout? They just need a portion of the fertile soil to start with and progress to capture the global market. This sort of a partnership is mutually beneficial to both the businesses. Why don’t we think of venturing into new arenas by holding hands with new generation entrepreneurs with fresh ideas? Like a Kangaroo keeping joeys in its pouch, we will retain the startups as part of our business. Let every business be like a Kangaroo.