Bose Krishnamachari Interacts with Students of RCBS

Bose Krishnamachari, President, Kochi Biennale Foundation

Kochi: Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies (RCBS) here organised a talk by Bose Krishnamachari, President, Kochi Biennale Foundation and internationally acclaimed Malayali painter, on the topic ‘Management is an Art, What Artist do for Management’ the other day.

Addressing the first-year students, who are members of various clubs, Bose Krishnamachari said, “It is a very chaotic world; make order out of it.” During the session that lasted for one hour, Bose spoke about his life which began in a very small village of Mangattukara in Angamaly. “My inquisitiveness, desire to learn new things and commitment to everything that I did and still doing, make me what I am today,” said Bose.

He spoke to the students about the wide scope in the field of art administration and how to become a successful person in his/her career. He also spoke about the various difficulties he had faced while putting together the first edition of Kochi Biennale. “We should follow nobody. We have to live our own life. Tutors must be respected and loved but not blindly followed. We are the centre of things. We must let things revolve around us. Obsession only leads to blindness,” he said.