UK’s Cranfield University Ropes in Eram for Research in Sanitation


Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala-based e-toilet maker Eram Scientific Solutions has been selected by the UK-based Cranfield University for developing sanitary facilities using sensor kits.

Under the cooperation, Eram will collaborate with the University for improving the efficacy of the toilet facilities in the country.  Eram has been mandated by the Cranfield University to do research and disseminate information for improving the hygienic standards all over the country.

Eram Scientific Solutions, which has established itself as a major player in research and product developments in the hygienic space, is part of the Eram Group with major presence in the country and abroad.

Censor Test Kits are mainly used to monitor the efficacy of ordinary toilets as well as e-toilets.  The nodal agency that implements the sanitation programme can track the efficacy of the sanitary facilities online.  It can also regulate the water supply to the facilities as well as test water usage.

“The recognition from the prestigious Cranfield University is a major achievement for Eram Scientific Solutions’ efforts to improve sanitation as well to address the issues stemming from global warming”, said Dr. Siddeek  Ahmed, Chairman, Eram Group.

He said Eram Scientific has already set up 2,200 e-toilets across the nation including Kerala.  Eram is currently focussing on providing its facilities in schools, tourist spots, and smart cities where the necessity of cleanliness is felt most.

The uniqueness of Eram’s e-toilets is their in-built self-cleaning technology.  These products come with amenities such as fans, lights, automatic flushing facility, as well as emergency switches. The e-toilets are monitored 24×7 through the GPRS.