Scientific Electrolysis as Hair Removal Solution


Kochi: Unwanted, excess facial or body hair has always been a concern for many. We would love to get rid of such hair. And, when we think about a solution, we primarily opt for waxing or hair removal creams for easy and immediate results. But, is there any method which guarantees permanent hair removal? The FDA and the American Medical Association recognise only electrolysis as a permanent method for removing hair.

Sherly Kollannur, Director and Chief Consultant Electrologist, LiLi Scientific Electrolysis, who is a veteran in this field with over 20 years of practical experience, says people who are unaware of permanent solutions like electrolysis go for temporary solutions, and in the process spend a hefty amount. She has customers from different parts of the world in the age group of 15 to 80. Electrolysis method, which dates back to the late 1860s, involves removing hair by applying electric current to the follicle with a fine probe.

Electrolysis treatment is performed in all areas of the body, including private parts. But Sherly points out that in India, private parts are excluded and the treatment is performed only up to the bikini lines. It is a common notion that this treatment is meant only for women. Contrary to this belief, Sherly says more men are now opting for removal of hair from their chest, back, legs, underarms, eyebrows, chin and ears. “Those who have gone for tattooing are also coming for electrolysis treatment to get rid of the hair from the tattooed areas,” adds Sherly.

Sherly says that training in electrolysis is difficult or non-existent. “Electrolysis, if practiced without the knowledge of the science behind it, may result in damaging the skin and leaving a permanent scar where excess current is passed through the hair follicle. This is a very dangerous proposition. This mistake is committed mainly when the practitioner does not have the required skill to distinguish between dead hair and hair with life. There is no point in passing current through the follicle of the dead hair, as this will not result in cauterizing the root of the hair. The practitioner’s lack of knowledge and skills will ultimately result in damaging the skin of the client and the hair growing even more vigorously,” she points out.

Keeping this in mind, Sherly and her husband Benny started LiLi Academy of Scientific Electrolysis (LASE Academy), which has got accreditation of Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE), the skill development mission of Government of Kerala.

“Once you are through with the one-month diploma course, it helps you get good placements in clinics across the country and even abroad. Trained electrologists are in high demand,” Sherly explains the growth prospects. The LASE academy, which is the only institution in India which conducts courses in scientific electrolysis, offers certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses.

LiLi is also the all India distributors of Apilus electrolysis permanent hair removal epilators manufactured by Dectro International Canada.

For details, contact Prof. K Tharu Benny, Director, LASE Academy, Mob: +91 9961613806. E-mail:; Website:            DK