Let Us Celebrate Kerala Women’s Forward March


In the last 19 years, we have featured a woman leader on the cover, maybe, only a couple of times. And that’s not a good thing. Pamela Anna Mathew, head honcho of O/E/N and Aruna Sunderarajan IAS when she was Kerala IT Mission’s director, have graced our covers. But things are changing fast.

Forums like Women Entrepreneurship Network (WEN) and All Ladies League (ALL) have brought together Kerala’s women leaders like never before and unleashed tremendous synergies from the strength of their members’ collective experience. It is also a clarion call to step out of the shadow of male-dominated trade bodies where even the outdated bylaws are chauvinistic and blind towards changing dynamics in the corner offices and corporate board rooms.

Let’s face it. Women know how to make a business model succeed, nurture a performing team and grow a sustainable organisation. And they don’t need a lecture on this from the men. Women leaders we spoke to were unanimous in their view – that their moment has arrived and with a bang. Education, financial independence and technology have made the traditional ‘balancing act’ role expected of them, much easier to play. Many have broken the glass ceiling. Some don’t even know what it is. With sheer grit and determination, they are carving their space under the sun as entrepreneurs.

Our cover personality this month is a ‘one-woman’ powerhouse in the cut-throat world of multi-brand retail. Seematti under her stellar leadership has grown from strength to strength and is today a must visit shopping destination in the State. Her signature silk collections and fashion shows have become legendary. Beena Kannan is the brand promise of Seematti which people buy into. That’s success like no other. And she has achieved all of it almost single handedly. Beena inspires a whole new breed of women leaders to set out and conquer, whatever the odds.

Also in this PINK issue, are well curated stories of seven woman business leaders, each one a name to reckon with in their chosen field. Together, they reflect the rapid strides women entrepreneurship in Kerala has achieved.

As we enter our 20th year since Destination Kerala first hit the stands, we wish to wholeheartedly thank all our readers, advertisers, patrons and well-wishers who have enabled the journey so far. We hope to continue to receive your valuable support for the next twenty and beyond. Happy reading!