An Exclusive Grouping to Inspire Womenfolk


Kochi: The All Ladies League (ALL), the world’s largest networking chain of women with over 50,000 members and 500-plus chapters across 150-odd countries, now has its presence in Kochi.

Soumini Jain, Kochi Mayor, officially launched the forum recently. Monica Suri, General Manager, Le Meridien-Kochi, is the chairperson of ALL Kochi Chapter. In an exclusive interview with Destination Kerala magazine, Monica Suri speaks about the objectives of ALL Kochi and its future plans.

What was the inspiration to launch ALL Kochi Chapter?

The inspiration to launch ALL Kochi Chapter was the outcome of the realisation that Kochi lacks a place where like-minded women can nurture relationships in a way they feel comfortable; a private space that empowers them and where they themselves make rules. We would like to be in a place, at least occasionally, where we are judged on the basis of our profession rather than our gender.

What are its objectives? How will it empower women in Kochi?

ALL is a shared vision of women for attaining more inclusion, inspiration and innovation not just for women but for ‘all.’ We will be forming multiple groups throughout the country. We will organise the groups based on the feedback we receive and announce the launch shortly. These groups and discussions are meant for individuals with deep commitment to success and who are willing to work hard in their businesses or personal lives. They should be willing to receive guidance from their peers, act on recommendations and be accountable for their performance. ALL will offer confidentiality, sharing of wisdom, a non-judgmental and supportive environment, new perspectives, focus on positive ideas, action plans, accountability for achieving optimal results and improving productivity, apart from a whole lot of fun in a very structured manner.

How can one associate with ALL Kochi? What are the criteria?

Though membership to ALL is free, it is given only on the basis of reference and invitation. Invitation for honorary life membership is extended to women having an inclusive and inspiring attitude of positivity, passion and purpose. We invite supportive men too.

ALL also welcomes ‘affiliates’ like spirited NGOs and other organisations that are doing excellent work for the cause of women, children, elders and the humanity at large. We support any move to start a new chapter in other cities or sectors. Our movement engages with those who support our cause, including men.

What are your immediate plans? For the long term, what are your ideas?

The traction generated by the launch should be sustained and we have already struck a deal for the development of an Art & Culture Centre and a Dance Centre focussing on fitness. To expedite the engagement, three events have been planned for the coming two months focussing on art, culture and fitness.