Vedhika Launches Branded Boutique Kanjivarams

Thiruvananthapuram: Vedhika, Kerala’s first designer fashion store, launched Vedaa, Kerala’s first branded boutique Kanjivarams here the other day.

It was officially launched by Radhika Suresh Gopi by doing the first sale.

The exclusive 9-star branding ensures that brand Vedaa lives up to the expectations of each and every customer eager to stand out among the crowd, according to Maithri Srikant Anand, Executive Director, SFS Homes Group and Founder and Creative Head of Vedhika Designer Fashion Store.

9-star branding is the stamp of authenticity draped around this most valued expression of creativity, she said.

Many designs are of revivalistic nature with innovation to evoke modern sensibilities like art-inspired collections. Inspiring motifs from the fascinating Indian folklore and Indian Royalty have been extensively used in Vedaa.