Come, Relish Italian Cuisine at Hotel Hilton Garden Inn


Thiruvanantahpuram: Gourmets, your attention please! Here is your opportunity to savour Italian cuisine. Rush to ‘Slice of Italy’ food festival being held at Garden Grille Restaurant at Hotel Hilton Garden Inn here and relish diverse dishes ranging from Patate al forno, Beef braciole, Chicken piccata, Carrote al Sughillo and Chicken manicotti with capers cream sauce to Pasta with Alfredo sauce (Penne, Spagetti, Macroni). Timing: 7 pm to 11 pm.

“Italy is unified by a national concept of classic meal structure. Rather than serving up everything in one or two courses, Italian dinners traditionally include an array of many small plates enjoyed in succession, giving diners an extended time to savour food and company,” says Ashok Eapen, Executive Chief. “Meals progress from antipasto (appetizer), to a first course of pasta or other starches, a main dish of meat or fish with a simple side of vegetables, followed by salad, cheese and fruit, coffee, and possibly a digestive dessert (like grappa or sambuca liquor) is sometimes served at the end of a special meal, but more often is enjoyed on its own as a midday snack. Characteristically, Italian dolci are restrained in terms of sweetness. Gelato Cookies, cakes, pastries and tarts can be savoured with coffee as a daytime energy boost,” he adds.

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