A Credible Brand from the Land of Ayurveda


Thiruvananthapuram: If you are looking for authentic and effective ayurvedic treatment at a tranquil place, Shinshiva Ayurvedashram, situated at Chowara near Kovalam, can be your first choice.

Guided by Dr. V Franklin, a veteran Ayurvedic practitioner of global repute, and assisted by qualified doctors and masseurs, Shinshiva offers effective treatment for a whole lot of ailments, including arthritis, paralysis, rheumatism, spondylosis, sports injuries, muscular atrophy, degeneration of bones, bronchial asthma, obesity, psoriasis, gastric complaints, uro-genital diseases, infertility, hemiplegia and skin diseases.

Says Sabarinath, MD of Shinshiva Ayurvedashram: “80 per cent of our guests are repeaters. That too, from across the globe – mostly from European countries – seeking their annual Ayurvedic therapy. We are committed to providing authentic ayurvedic treatment methods, which are effective.”

Overlooking the shimmering waters of the Arabian Sea and nestled among lush green palms, Shinshiva offers you a chance to unwind and have a holiday of a life-time, while simultaneously rejuvenating your body and mind through effective Ayurvedic treatments. It also provides therapeutic packages for general rejuvenation, longevity, beauty care and slimming, and conducts yoga and meditation sessions.

“We always follow a unique procedure while admitting guests here. After a detailed consultation, we tell them about our findings and the treatments available at the centre. We proceed with the treatment only if they are convinced about our inferences. We are also particular that the treatment should be result-oriented. We will not hesitate to advise the guests to look for other treatment options whenever we feel that their problems do not have an effective therapy at our centre. Strict compliance to these principles has earned us the distinction of being one among the most credible brands in Ayurveda,” he said.

According to Sabarinath, Shinshiva has guests throughout the year. “We spend at least three hours a day with a guest as part of treatment. We never compromise on treatment procedures due to 100 per cent occupancy,” he said.

Shinshiva’s dedication towards preparing effective medicines is another reason for their success in the field. For details, log on to: www.shinshivaresort.com or contact, ph:  +91 471 2266331, 2267332, 2266423.