EU Lifts Ban on Import of Vegetables from India


Kochi: The European Union (EU) has lifted a three-year ban on import of some vegetables from India, according to an official of the Union Agriculture Ministry.

The European Union communication ending the ban on import of some vegetables, including bitter gourd, snake gourd and aubergines, was announced by R S Arora, Assistant Director, Union Agriculture Ministry, while speaking at a seminar organised by CIAL Air Cargo Department here the other day.
The import of mangoes, bitter gourd, egg plant, snake gourd and taro leaves from India was banned by the EU in May 2014 citing the presence of harmful organisms.
The decision had adversely impacted the farmers and exporters.
Based on field surveys and audit, the EU in January decided to lift the ban on import of mangoes from India.
The Union Government had said that it was taking all diplomatic steps to help get the ban lifted.