Reliance Jio takes Indian Telecom Sector by Storm


Kochi: Fourteen years ago, Reliance Infocomm democratised mobile telephony with the launch of its CDMA services. Suddenly, everyone could afford a mobile phone thanks to disruptive pricing. Fast-forward and Reliance Jio is promising a disruption again, with digital offerings and never-before pricing. Jio was launched in September 2016 targeting to touch 100 million customers soon. This would translate into a data usage of 250 crore GB per month. Referring to data as ‘oxygen’, Mukesh Ambani had said Jio aims to enrich the life of every Indian with its entirely new digital ecosystem comprising network, devices, applications and content, service experience and affordable tariffs.

Reliance Jio has built a world-class all-IP data strong future-proof network with latest 4G Voice-over LTE technology and promised to keep voice and roaming services, free for life. No wonder then that Jio has crossed the 60 million subscriber mark in less than three months after its launch to emerge as the largest broadband operator in the country. It has signed up an average of six lakh subscribers a day, which is a globally unprecedented feat for any customer-facing company, including the likes of Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype.

VoLTE technology, unlike LTE, ensures voice quality does not drop if data is being consumed simultaneously. Switching from voice to video during a call is also seamless and conferencing without any ambient noise is possible, thanks to excellent noise cancellation.

Jio takes care of content from news to entertainment and education. JioMoney allows one to experience cashless life. Jio also has innovative devices that can make a car and home ‘smart’.

Kerala has today around 5000 towers and fibre network for ~10000 km has been laid. The state has 43 Jio centres and a 1500 strong team. Since its launch, Jio in Kerala has over 2 million customers and the current daily download recorded is about 1300 TB, which is the highest compared to any other operator in Kerala. Jio also extended their welcome offer of free voice and data till March 31, 2017. The fun has just begun.