KMB 2016: Art and Science Blend for Swedish Artists Lundahl and Seitl


Kochi: Christer Lundahl and Martina Seitl are on a mission to break the barriers of time, distance and space and connect people across the world through their ‘Unknown Cloud’. The Unknown Could is a reflection of projects the Swedish duo have recently developed over smart phones, involving large groups of the public in an interplay between physical and virtual spaces, traditional and social media. “I know it is hard to achieve. But we are developing a technology through which people, though from different continents, can communicate with the help of ‘unknown cloud’ as the medium,” Seitl said at a ‘Let’s Talk’ event held on the sidelines of Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016. “Though it is connected to science, we are artists first and don’t follow the usual scientific procedures. The project is in an evolving state and it is expected to be achieved in 2057,” she added. The test run of ‘Unknown Cloud’ was conducted at Diphu in Assam. The artists are displaying one of their recent artworks ‘Symphony of a missing room’ which blends arts with science, taking visitors of Biennale through an audio tour. Lundahl and Seitl’s practice includes curatorial work, large-scale projects, workshops and seminars, often in collaborations with different disciplines.