KMA Conducts Workshop for School Principals

Kochi: Kerala Management Association (KMA) conducted a one-day workshop for school principals and management representatives at the Management House here the other day on the topic ‘safe, smart and sustainable schools’, which was attended by almost 40 school principals and representatives.

The workshop was inaugurated by Mohammed Safirulla IAS, District Collector along with Dr. Senthil Kumaran, Workshop Facilitator; Meena Viswanathan, Chairperson; Vivek Krishna Govind, Sr. Vice President and Madhav Chandran, Honorary Secretary.

The District Collector inspired participants to be motivators of  students. Stressing the importance of technology in education,  Safirulla pointed out that technology can only function as an enabler and it is the human element which is crucial. He also urged heads of schools to fight against the increasing incidents of substance abuse among students.

Dr. Senthil Kumaran spoke extensively on the importance of safety procedures, policies, safety drills and safety audits in schools to make them more safe and accident-free. He also gave examples of various successful policies and practices in schools within India as well as abroad.

Dr. Senthil highlighted the importance of sustaining good practices and policies in schools and to keep improving upon them .

C P Viswanth, Educator and Director, Karadi Path Education, also handled a session during the workshop. He underscored the need to simplify language learning in order to get access to higher education.