The verdict was unanimous: Kerala Travel Mart-2002 is a success. No voices of dissent or detractive protests this time, as was the case in Y2K when the first KTM was held, which got hijacked by a certain hospitality group. The difference this time was that the common interests of the industry, particularly the small and medium players, were properly safeguarded, and Product Kerala in its entirety, not merely some influential groups and their wares, was professionally showcased. All the sins of commission and omission that marred the successful conduct of the previous event were adequately compensated for, ensuring co-operation from those who really mattered. No wonder then that from the very first drum beat heralding in India’s largest tourism show, to the moment when delegates took leave to return again in 2004 to Cochin, the event lived up to its promises and more than fulfilled the expectations of those ‘small ones’ who put in their hard earned pennies to participate in it.