Monthly Archives June 2002

Right Infrastructure Crucial to Industrial Development, Says Dr.G.C.Gopala Pillai

Thiruvananthapuram: When Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (KINFRA) was set up a decade and some months ago, there was very little enthusiasm among potential investors (if there were any!), existing industrialists in the State (a threatened species), bureaucrats, politicians, media or the general public, already cynical of anything the government attempts in the name of industrial development. They were not to blame. Kerala’s notoriety as a hotbed of militant trade unionism and bureaucratic red tape had led to the collapse of industrial units and industrial estates all over the state, and so the Industrial Parks envisaged by KINFRA were also viewed as old wine in new bottle, some more public funds to be swindled, and so forth.

Keith Bellows Stresses Importance of Eco-tourism

Thiruvananthapuram: All future tourism activities in the world will be based on nature friendliness and environment consciousness, according to Keith Bellows, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic Traveller, the renowned tourism magazine published by the National Geographic Society. The magazine had, in October 2001, judged Kerala as one of the 50 lifetime must-see destinations of the world and one of only 10 paradises on Earth.