Monthly Archives October 1999

‘Destination Kerala’ Represents a Movement for Progress: Speaker Vijayakumar

Destination Kerala’s initiative in honouring outstanding achievers in Tourism and Information Technology invests the publication with the aura of a movement having tremendous vision about development of Kerala, said Speaker of State Assembly M.Vijayakumar in his presidential address at the Destination Kerala Man-of-the-Year Award Evening on August 17 here.

Ayurveda Shouldn’t Turn a Money-spinner for Greedy Businessmen: Dr.V.Franklin

Ayurveda, the 300-year traditional therapeutic system of India, with its roots traced to the vedic rishis (whose major operational base and material source was Kerala) has today become an integral part of tourism in the State. In fact, it is the cure-for-all-seasons to the maladies that kept tourism in Kerala on a slow drag, while the industry flourished in Goa, The Golden Triangle and other centres in India.