Yearly Archives 1999

    I Still Believe Tourism is Essentially a Private Sector Activity : T.Balakrishnan

    There was a time when people affectionately referred to him as the Tourism Tzar of Kerala, while he held the twin posts of Director – Tourism, and Managing Director – Kerala Tourism Development Corporation. To him is attributed the credit of pulling state tourism activities out of the morass of mere hospitality services to domestic and foreign VIPs, and turning the focus onto developing it as a serious economic activity. Veli Tourist Village owes its genesis to his genius as a product designer. He was actively associated with the policy decision that led to the entry of the Taj Group of Hotels into Kerala. Among the civil service officials of distinction in the State, he has the longest track record in the service and pursuit of tourism at regional, national and international levels.

      Kerala, the Best Investment Destination in India : Bill Dennis

      November 1 is Kerala Day, a day the significance of which most Malayalees have by now forgotten, or attach least importance to. On this day, 43 years ago, in 1956, the geographical entity we now call Kerala was born, as a result of the reorganisation of the country on linguistic grounds. It was in effect the reunification of two Malayalam-speaking segments, one, the Travancore-Cochin State, and the other, the Malabar province of the erstwhile Madras State.

        Ayurveda Shouldn’t Turn a Money-spinner for Greedy Businessmen: Dr.V.Franklin

        Ayurveda, the 300-year traditional therapeutic system of India, with its roots traced to the vedic rishis (whose major operational base and material source was Kerala) has today become an integral part of tourism in the State. In fact, it is the cure-for-all-seasons to the maladies that kept tourism in Kerala on a slow drag, while the industry flourished in Goa, The Golden Triangle and other centres in India.